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Your Project

Nothing is more important to us than helping you achieve your dream house. Let’s start dreaming together.


Choose a Room

First, we’ll want to know what we’re working on. Whether you want to enhance one room or an entire floor, we’ll capture measurements and specs.

Make a Plan

Now it’s time to decide what exactly you want to do. After we’ve talked about your project and decided on the scope, we’ll provide an accurate quote. Once that’s decided on, we’ll order your products and schedule the install.

Follow Through

We take our installations very seriously. We understand that we’re guests in your home and we want to make you feel completely at ease during the installation. Once the installation is finished, we’ll follow up with you to make sure you’re satisfied.

Prepare For Your Visit

1 Know the Size

Royal Flooring’s ability to help you with your project is helped considerably if we understand your room or space. Having specs like the size and dimensions makes us better see how we can enhance it.

2 Make a List of Priorities

What is most important for you on this flooring project? Style, durability, price? Oftentimes a project will include a number of factors, so it’s good to understand what’s most important to you.

3 Take Note of the Characteristics of the Room

What color are the walls? Will they be changing? Where does the light come from? Windows that allow northeast exposure are generally cooler, gray light, and southwest light is usually warmer. What is the artificial lighting situation? How does that light affect the floors, the cabinets, the countertops and everything else in the room. All of these questions can affect the needs of your project.

4 Understand How You Use the Room

Recognizing the way the floor will be used is key in making the best decision. How many people use this room? Are there children in it frequently? Pets? How much traffic does the area receive?

5 Bring a Color Sample

The aesthetic of a quality room depends on many factors, and your flooring should play a part in concert with the other elements in your room. A swatch of paint, a pillow or a furniture cover that gives us a sense of the coloring of the room can help us find the best flooring option together.