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There’s no better peace of mind like knowing you’re being taken care of. That’s what our professional installation services are all about. Rest assured your installation will be done right.

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Expertise That Matters

Our professional floor installers are tile and wood floor experts with extensive training and experience. That means that every Royal Flooring job is done to your satisfaction, making flooring projects easy and stress-free.

Service That Counts

We know that you are entrusting us to come into your home, and we work hard to reward that trust. Any time a Royal Flooring installation expert sets foot in your home, you’ll be treated with respect and courtesy.

Care That Makes a Difference

We are committed to making your flooring project as unobtrusive and effortless as possible. That’s why our installers move the furniture, take out the existing floor, install your new flooring, then move the furniture back in place for you. We’re still guests, after all.