Picking the right floor for your space sets the tone for your home—and all good designers know you don’t stop there. The best way to compliment and complete any room is by adding a rug. Not only do rugs add character and texture, but they can make any room look unique, which is great for homes that carry the same floor throughout.

But choosing a rug is harder than finding something that piques your taste. You have to find one that fits the space, furniture, and decor just right. And that’s why our interior designer, Lynsy Anderson, follows these three rules.

  • Measure, measure, measure!
    • Measure before you shop! It’s best to know how much space you’re working with before your decide a size. From there you can plan the design according to your budget.
  • Bigger is better
    • In almost every case, except the kitchen, bigger is better. Rugs should make the room feel larger and inviting, so don’t size down.
    • Quick tip: A rug in your living room should be large enough to hold your furniture with at least six inches to spare on each side.


karastan area rug


  •    Material matters
    • Picking a rug material varies based on the room type. Natural fibers, like sisal and jute, are great for low traffic areas like spare bathrooms and sunrooms since they are harder to care for if they become dirty or stained. One of the most forgiving fibers is wool, so find one in a low pile for places like the dining room or mudroom. And when it comes to bedrooms, cozy is king! Opt for a high pile rug to make the room warm and inviting.
    • Quick tip: If you don’t want to break the bank on a 9×12 rug in your bedroom, opt for two small runners on each side of the bed.

We offer a wide variety of rug styles and designs that you can check out now on our online Rug Shop! We want to help you get the design of you’ve always wanted, stop by on of our showrooms for interior design services from our experts here at Royal Flooring!